Beast Of Burden

by Prison

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Beast Of Burden EP
Recorded at Pebbles Studio (Ottawa)
Recorded by Dylan Frankland with help from Sarah Cogan and Craig Lemmon
Guest vocals done by Andrew Kramer (Iron Golem) on Prison


released March 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Prison Barrie, Ontario


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Track Name: Beast Of Burden
Fields on fire. Crops give nothing. Fields on fire. Diseased land, swallowing itself. Diseased land. Swallow life, give nothing. Abandoned by God to drown in soil. Nothing but evil grows from our toil. The earth has swallowed us whole. Beasts are tired, ready for sleep. Land has given us nothing but defeat. Beast of burden.
Track Name: Prison
Earth is a mistake. Life is a mistake. Earth is a prison. Life is a prison. Take my negative thoughts to the grave. I reject your common humanity. Keep on searching. You’re the keeper of nothing, the earth has turned to flames. Searching for something across this earth. Everything you taught me, everything you promised me was true. I have no patience. I have no faith. I have no hope for you. Life is prison. You’re not worth knowing. Trapped forever.
Track Name: Screw
Return to the dust that birthed you. New ways replaced with bigotry. No place for you in this commune. Cancerous brain, cancerous ways. Destroyed your brothers for security. No tolerance for the wicked in this place. My hate builds internally. My hate builds for you, internally. Cancerous brain, cancerous ways. No tolerance for the wicked. Punished for your sins. Doomed since birth, doomed since the first. Pushed through this life, doomed since birth. Nothing to show. The devil has come to reclaim his earth.
Track Name: The Furnace
Pain never ceases. Pain never stops. Born into nothingness, die alone in solitude. Crushing weight pushed on my throat. Crushed. Learn to grow in death. Whimper for life, plead for death.
Track Name: The Wrath Of Evil
You will feel the wrath of evil. You will be fear the man I am. You will feel the wrath of evil. You will be crushed by my hand. Feel the wrath of evil. You will fear the man I am. You have pushed me to the brink. I will end your spirit with my hand. Run. Run back to hell. Run back to me.